Dear Brothers and Sisters of FCBCA,

It still weighs heavily on our hearts that we are not able to be together in presence. Through this difficult time, Pastor Wong and I will be writing short devotions to encourage you through this season. We base our hope not in the wisdom of men or hoping for good news, but we base our hope in Christ who is revealed through God's Word.

Pastor Wong will be writing for the Cantonese and Mandarin, and I will be writing for the English congregation. You may expect to see it once a week on Thursdays.

The link may be found here:

We are also excited to announce that English Worship will be schedule LIVE at 9:30am! Please join us for live worship, singing together in unison even though we are apart, and studying God's Word together.

To make it easier to find everything, we have created a centralized platform. Here, you may find the latest announcements, sermons, and the link to our blog will be here as well. Please visit (and bookmark):

Our doors are still shut, but our Church is still open. Praying for the day we can see you all again.

Pastor Sam